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need help

2008-06-30 21:54:39 by F-778

okay, so my daddy just got fire insurance for the house so if the house catches on fire we'll get a lot of money. So i've been talking to some friends and im wondering if i should set the house on fire ourselves. We're pretty sure we can make it look like an accident... what should i do?

need help


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2008-06-30 21:56:04

dont ask me


2008-06-30 21:58:50

Very stupid idea. Very stupid.

They will most likely figure out the soruce. Your dad has to go through alot if the house sets on fire, too, and nearby buildings/people could get hurt.

F-778 responds:

thanks, i'll save that on my blackberry


2008-06-30 23:40:34

Your dad must be proud of you...


2008-07-01 02:01:58

you're a pretty funny gal, that is to say if you're really a gal...


2008-07-01 12:11:45

If this isn't a joke and you're actually thinking of doing this, consider this: I think the money the insurance company gives you is for repairing the damage caused by the fire so if you actually do this in an effort to make money, you'll go back to square 1. Not to mention you could kill your entire family and everybody near by this way. So... yeah. Think long and hard before killing yourself and your family.

P.S. Are you really a girl?

F-778 responds:

your right haha :)


2008-07-01 20:17:57

Don't do it alright


2008-07-01 23:11:56



2008-07-02 06:26:14

I guess u shouldn't post this idea on the internet for instance, if u dont wanna get caught :P

F-778 responds:

silly me! i AM just a girl! ;)


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