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I just beat halo 2!

2008-07-15 13:38:12 by F-778

gosh wat a hard game! >:O did you guys find it hard or what?
but the ending was too quick!

wen does halo 3 come out? there's going to be an atv!

I just beat halo 2!


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2008-07-15 14:03:26

Halo 3 came out last year in September...

only on Xbox 360


2008-07-15 17:04:59

are you like, for real?


2008-07-19 19:35:32

hey don't hate! i saw some guy complaining on a website b/c he couldn't get his Assassin's Creed .iso to work... turns out he downloaded it a couple months before the game even came out!


2008-07-23 22:21:22

ti's a very good game, but the game is hard for itself, does take a while, but for me, it took like 1 day for teh first try, i'm starting to master at this game. I'd like to hear more of u'r music toots, they r good,if that pleases you.
Anyway, i hope to see u on halo 3, but the problem is that i gave it to my friend to borrow it, b/c it was getting to easy.
whats u'r gamertag, Mine is "johnni Mac"
my little bro will play some of the time.

F-778 responds:

thanks that does please me ;) in more ways than you know!


2009-05-05 16:32:41

Half-ton bioengineered Spartans riding on military-style futuristic ATV's on rough terrain of an alien ringworld while holding onto what looks like a derivation of the Marine's flag icon. That's FTFW!!! I wish I had an Xbox :( I only got PC... But we have Crysis >:P