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Entry #6

It's all my fault >:(

2009-01-21 20:19:11 by F-778

Hey guys . . . the police just stopped by to take daddy away. They told us they found evidence that the house fire was arson. aa;dfkjaewpioru gosh i feel terible! a;dkafdj;faiweqpqrepiuqpefeqpeifuapdof ia :( :(:(:( fuck my life :(


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2009-01-21 20:37:38

Why is it your fault? And what fire?


2009-05-05 16:27:00

The only solution is to hang yourself.


2009-05-05 16:28:16

Fire? You should have killed it with water, it always works. Jokes aside, what fire? how'd it happen? and what was the evidence?

F-778 responds:

read my last posts :(


2009-05-05 16:47:55

Maybe you shouldn't reveal shit like that to thousands of people on the internet. You never know who is watching


2009-09-05 15:05:37

I'm very sorry... :*(